In January, Better 4 You Meals began supplying Compton Unified School District with Ready to Heat fresh meals.  Delivered daily, B4YM breakfast, lunch, and supper menus are designed in collaboration with the Nutrition Staff of Compton Unified and help the district meet the requirements of the National School Lunch Program.

From the Compton Unified School District Communications Department:

When students are healthy, they are in class and ready to learn.

That’s why Compton Unified School District (CUSD) works hard to serve students with nutritious meals every day.

Through it’s new partnership with Better 4 You Meals, students are enjoying fresh, pre-packaged meals including: orange chicken with fresh broccoli and brown rice, cheese tamales, green chile and potato breakfast burrito. All meals served with fresh fruit and steamed or fresh vegetables. 

All school sites have breakfast and supper by Better 4 You Meals twice weekly. (Tuesdays and Thursdays), and secondary schools are served their lunches daily.

Antoinette Pearce, Interim Senior Director of CUSD Student Nutrition, said the District sought the input of students from all of its high schools, who tasted and evaluated the food offered by the vendor during a special taste test in October of last year. 

“Frozen or processed meals contain a lot more sodium, more preservatives. Fresh meals taste better, so the students actually want to eat the meals,” she said…….  To read more, click here