We’ve heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but so many children are still going throughout their day without breakfast.  

The Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign found that a school breakfast can play a huge role in children’s academic, health, AND economic future. However, out of the 22 million kiddos that qualify for free and reduced meals that eat school lunch daily, only about 12 million of them are also eating school breakfast.

Here at Better 4 You Meals, we work with schools to increase their breakfast participation because we know that hungry kids can’t focus. We offer the following breakfast models that schools can mix and match to meet their needs:

  • Grab & Go Breakfast – where kids easily grab a complete meal from a breakfast cart or table. This model can be done anywhere in the school (like a hallway), and can help reach kids that would otherwise not eat since it makes grabbing a meal convenient.
  • Breakfast in the Classroom – this model has kids eating in the classroom at the beginning of their school day. The added bonus here is that kids get to further build community while they eat together.
  • Second Chance Breakfast – an additional opportunity for children to grab a breakfast meal, typically after the bell rings or after homeroom. A lot of our B4YM schools choose to have breakfast offered again during nutrition/recess since many kids aren’t hungry first thing in the morning.

Our team is constantly out at schools getting feedback from students about their favorite breakfast options, and we’re routinely introducing new breakfast items to our menu to keep things interesting! We make sure that our breakfast offerings are culturally relevant, tasty, and of course, healthy! Some of the new favorites we’ve had so far this year have been our cranberry oatmeal rounds; our breakfast burrito with eggs, cheese & turkey sausage; and our mini chicken sandwich.  

What are some of your favorite B4YM breakfasts?