Norwalk Senior Lunch Program Ribbon Cutting

Better 4 You Meals has teamed up with the City of Norwalk to provide healthy and nutritious meals for their Senior Nutrition Program.  On July 1, 2019, Better 4 You Meals began providing congregate and home-delivered meals to the City of Norwalk Senior Center. The City of Norwalk provides two separate senior dining centers for their senior community and serves lunch to approximately 200 participants each day. 

The Norwalk Senior Center is one of the most highly attended in the region.  Seniors that live locally in addition to those living outside the city are eager to participate in the many activities afforded to them, most especially the congregate meal program.  Congregate Meals offer several benefits such as:

  • CREATING A SENSE OF PURPOSE – Congregate meals provide an activity that seniors can look forward to. Connecting with their peers in a social environment allows positive and emotional interaction for seniors, therefore providing a sense of purpose.
  • CREATE POSITIVE RELATIONSHIPS – The positive relationships that are created in a

congregate environment has been found to decrease loneliness and stress.

  • PROVIDE ACCESS TO NUTRITION – Often seniors suffer from malnutrition due to an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. Access to congregate meals affords a well-balanced diet and great tasting food all of which is prepared to meet nutritional standards.

Home-Delivered Meals offer the following benefits:

  • COMFORT – Studies have shown that meal delivery service eases the burden of shopping and meal preparation. Moreover, senior recipients feel the comfort of knowing that their meals will be delivered regularly.
  • SOCIAL INTERACTION – To an otherwise isolated population, older adults look forward to the social interaction and interpersonal relationships developed with meal delivery staff.
  • REDUCTION IN HEALTHCARE COSTS AND FOOD INSECURITY – Millions of seniors around the country are food insecure which means they do not have access to an adequate amount of food to meet their daily nutritional requirements. As a result, many find themselves subject to illness which may lead to hospitalization. A home-delivered meal program can alleviate food insecurity and illness by providing a well-balanced nutritional diet.

A Senior Nutrition Program is a great way for communities to offer a means of socialization, access to nutrition and create a sense of purpose for seniors.  In addition, the home-delivered meals segment provides comfort, social interaction and aids in reducing food insecurity.  Our goal is to develop a strong partnership with the City of Norwalk by creating a successful Senior Nutrition Program that will increase participation and social interaction among the senior community.  We can achieve this by providing high quality ingredients and best tasting food based on feedback from our participants.  

Learn more about Better 4 You Meals Senior Nutrition Program and how we can create a partnership to bring seniors together in your community, enhance socialization and provide access to nutrition.


Robert Camarena, Senior Nutrition Programs

Better 4 You Meals is a proud member of the National Association of Nutrition and Aging Services Programs