B4YM Menu Advisory Committee

Better 4 You Meals is proud to announce that we are creating a Menu Advisory Committee for the 2016 -17 school year. comprised of representatives from our various charter schools. Every month, our B4YM staff work tirelessly to gather feedback from students and school staff members about menu likes and dislikes. Our kitchen, nutrition, and purchasing teams then use that feedback to develop a menu focused on your students.

But now we want YOU to a be part of that decision-making process. You spend every day with your students and you hear their thoughts. We believe that you can be a very vital piece of helping to make B4YM the meal provider that your kids will continue to love for many years to come.

What does joining the B4YM Menu Advisory Committee require?

• A solid commitment to ensuring the best interest of many students throughout Southern California
• Ability to give constructive feedback on food samples from the B4YM Kitchen
• 2-3 meetings per year at the B4YM Office in City of Commerce

Who’s eligible to join the B4YM Menu Advisory Committee?

Any staff member of a school currently served by B4YM is eligible to join and support the committee. Meal Coordinators, Office Manager, Teachers, School Admin, and any others directly involved with the meal program are encouraged to apply.

Benefits of joining the B4YM Menu Advisory Committee
• Have a voice in what is being served at your school!
• Meet colleagues from other schools that also work in the school meal program
• Professional Development!!! Increase your NSLP, SBP, and CACFP knowledge
• Learn about what goes into NSLP based menu planning at a school
• Learn about the state and federal guidelines that a school must follow
• Sample new and fun menu items before they arrive at your school

If you are interested in joining the Menu Advisory Committee, click here or reach out to your Account Manager.