A day spent celebrating breakfast is great, but a whole week is extra special. Schools across the country came together to promote the benefits of school breakfasts, our Better 4 You Meal schools included! The Palmdale Aerospace Academy (TPAA) wrapped up the week by serving their kiddos watermelon chunks with their breakfasts this morning.

TPAA is a K-12 school located in Palmdale, CA that consistently goes above and beyond to serve fresh and tasty food for their students. At their request, we send daily deliveries with bulk ingredients or family style meal components for them to put together, heat, and serve before breakfast and lunch time. It came at no surprise that they wanted to do something special for NSBW as well!

Our Better 4 You Meals team loves partnering up with schools like TPAA to promote meal participation daily, and especially during events like this. The kids sure loved the “out of this world” watermelon!

Thanks to everyone who participated in NSBW this week, and for those that missed it, remember that it’s never too late to highlight the importance of breakfast in your schools. Make sure to check out our post from March 5th for inspiration on how to do so!