Outstanding Meals Every Single Day

Food sustains us all. From the kindergartner opening their first books to a business owner closing an important deal, we all need great food to carry us through the day. A cilantro chicken sandwich at lunchtime. An early morning coffee cake or yogurt. Something to give us energy, keep us focused, and able to acquire and retain new knowledge.

Our Commitment

Each day, our team works tirelessly to ensure that every meal we serve is tasty, fresh, healthy, and in line with all requirements of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act. While Stringent, the standards and initiatives of the National School Lunch Program are also in place.

Get in touch to get find out how you can begin offering school meal services as unique as your students.

Increase Student Participation

Undernourishment makes it almost impossible to effectively educate a child. Our team has extensive experience in partnering with schools to help raise school nutrition awareness, satisfaction and participation.

Working to Reduce Waste

Because of the potential for a school’s meal program to incur costs above the total reimbursement amount and ultimately encroach on the school’s general fund, we work closely with schools to ensure that they are utilizing best practices throughout the meal program.

Boost Student Engagement

We are so much more than your everyday lunch provider. We know that fun activities, special events, and on-site food preparation can help engage your scholars at a much greater level. 

Menu Advisory Committee


We want you to be part of that decision-making process. You spend every day with your students, and you hear their thoughts. We believe that you can be a very vital piece of helping to make B4YM the meal provider that your kids will continue to love for many years to come. If you would like to join the Menu Advisory Committee, please reach out so we can help get you started.


As an extension of our health-conscious based nutritional services offered to our client-participants in the educational community, our Senior Nutrition Program offers both Congregate and Home-Delivered Meals.

Congregate Nutrition has been proven to enhance a sense of purpose, social connectivity and fulfillment by bringing together older adults in a positive social setting. Home-Delivered Meals not only provides access to nutrition and a sense of comfort but are a cost-effective way of allowing older adults to remain in their own homes. 

Benefits of Congregate Meals
Creating a Sense of Purpose

Congregate meals provide an activity that seniors can look forward to. Connecting with their peers in a social environment allows positive and emotional interaction for seniors, therefore providing a sense of purpose.

Positive Relationships
The positive relationships that are created in a
congregate environment have been found to decrease loneliness and stress.
Access to Nutrition
Often seniors suffer from malnutrition due to an unbalanced and unhealthy diet. Access to congregate meals affords a well-balanced diet and great tasting food all of which is prepared to meet nutritional standards.
What we Offer
  • Family Style Meal Service
  • Fresh Meal Delivery
The Benefits of Home-Delivered Meals
Studies have shown that meal delivery service eases the burden of shopping and meal preparation. Moreover, senior recipients feel the comfort of knowing that their meals will be delivered regularly.
Social Interaction
To an otherwise isolated population, older adults look forward to the social interaction and interpersonal relationships developed with meal delivery staff.
Reduction in Healthcare Costs and Food Insecurity
Millions of seniors around the country are food insecure which means they do not have access to an adequate amount of food to meet their daily nutritional requirements. As a result, many find themselves subject to illness which may lead to hospitalization. A home-delivered meal program can alleviate food insecurity and illness by providing a well-balanced nutritional diet.
What we offer
  • Freshly Prepared Meals
  • Shelf Stable
  • Better 4 You Frozen Meals
Benefits of Nutrition Education
Eating a well-balanced diet is important at any age but even more necessary for seniors since their nutritional needs change. Therefore, regularly scheduled Nutrition Education provides our senior communities with tips on healthy eating habits, shopping and healthy food preparation.
Senior Nutrition Program Menu Advisory Committee
Comprised of representatives from our senior program participants. Every month, our staff work tirelessly to gather feedback about menu likes and dislikes. Our kitchen, nutrition, and purchasing teams then use that feedback to develop a menu focused on our participant’s recommendations.

Supportive Services

Our team is committed to supporting your school with a wide range of supportive services. We are fully versed in State and federal food program mandates and can assist you with meeting all day-to-day compliance obligations.

Program & Financial Analysis

Better 4 You Meals can work with your team to do a thorough analysis of your current food service program and help identify areas of improvement or cost savings. The majority of Better 4 You schools attain a significant annual budget surplus from their meals program and are able to reallocate those savings to improve the overall operations of the school.


Our first grade food processing facility also houses Challenge Butter, Otis Spunkmeyer Cookies, and Smithway Foods Dairy processinfirstgradeost school meal vendors might not do the same, we are proud and encourage our schools to set up visits and tour our 50,000 sq.ft. facility.  We are confident that no other food service vendor has a facility that can match the quality of ours.

Ticket 2 Wellness

We have had success engaging students and increasing participation with the “Ticket 2 Wellness” game. In this game, tickets are randomly placed on various meals during the month. If a student grabs a meal containing one of these special “Wellness Tickets” the student will win a prize. The more a student participates, the higher their chances to win! 

More Information

How to Participate

  • Wellness Tickets will be randomly placed on various meals several times per month.
  • Students must pick up a meal in order to participate and possibly win.
  • The lucky student(s) who finds the Wellness Ticket notifies the front office.
  • Office staff will notify Better 4 You Meals and prize(s) will be sent the following week.


We work with your school to find the best prizes for your students. Prizes can range from gift cards to free dress days.

Waste Management

We would like the opportunity to help your site reduce food waste and help the environment. If your site chooses to implement the programs below, Better 4 You Meals may be able to offer your campus incentives such as discounts and food service equipment.

Offer Versus Serve

Offer versus serve or OVS is a concept that applies to menu planning and the meal service. OVS allows students to decline some of the food offered in a reimbursable lunch or breakfast. The goals of OVS are to reduce food waste and to permit students to choose the foods they want to eat. Because students may choose fewer selections under OVS, guidance is provided on what constitutes a reimbursable lunch and breakfast.

Recycling Program

B4YM has discovered a great way for your school to recycle and engage in eco-friendly habits and practices that will lead to a healthier environment. The City of Los Angeles Recycling Program has partnered with LAUSD Charter schools to provide recycling service and bins on a weekly basis for FREE!

This program allows schools to recycle the following:

  • Paper
  • Plastics (including plastic bags)
  • Cardboard
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Styrofoam


We are proud of our fleet our clean natural gas (CNG) powered delivery vehicles.

Better 4 You Meals takes the responsibility to protect our environment seriously and our goal is to be a trendsetter. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, natural gas is an inherently clean-burning fuel due to its lower carbon content, and when used as a vehicle fuel, natural gas can offer greenhouse emission benefits when compared to traditional fuels.

Compliance Support

We are committed to supporting your school with a wide range of food compliance services, allowing you the freedom to concentrate on what’s most important, educating your students. Our team is fully versed in State and Federal food program mandates and will assist you with meeting all of the day-to-day compliance obligations.

Our Support

B4YM can provide your school with:

  • Best practice operating procedures
  • Nutritional analysis support using Nutrikids software
  • Production and transportation records
  • Therapeutic menus
  • Analysis of your food program
  • Waste management tools
  • Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP)

We can guide you through the process of:

  • Administrative reviews (Audits)
  • Enrollment in the USDA Commodities Co-Op for greater cost savings
  • Health Inspections
  • Developing a Wellness Policy
  • Opportunities to participate in grant funding
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