Though our goal is to encourage kiddos to eat breakfast at school, we understand that weekends and holidays are also an important time for families to eat well-balanced and healthful breakfasts. We’ve rounded up a few simple, tasty, and budget-friendly recipes that we think will be a hit in all homes alike!

Cottage Cheese Breakfast Bowls 6 Ways – cottage cheese is neutral in flavor and rich in protein, which is important for growing kids. These 6 different varieties range from sweet to savory, perfect for all taste buds! If some of your kids prefer sweet and some prefer savory, you can lay out various toppings for them to choose from. A great plant-based alternative would be using a dairy-free yogurt as a base (soy and almond yogurts have are a good source of protein, while coconut yogurt is not).

Apple Pie Overnight Oats – this recipe is naturally sweetened with no added sugar, and packs in lots of flavor with spices. If your kids prefer a simpler dish, prepare it with just the cinnamon and it will still be tasty! For a crunch, add some fresh apples the morning of. And remember, any type of milk or milk alternative will be great in this recipe.

 Country Breakfast Bowls – While this recipe involves a little more prepping than the previous two, it is filling and perfect for a weekend morning. Using a tofu scramble (like this one) instead of the eggs and omitting the cheese would be a very tasty plant-based alternative!

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete without a simple avocado toast (topped with black beans or eggs for added protein) and a nut-butter toast (all natural peanut or almond butter spread on whole wheat bread with sliced bananas or apple sauce on top).

Lastly, if you choose a recipe without fruit inside, make sure to offer some on the side so your kiddos can get all the fiber, vitamins, and nutrients that fruits contain. We hope you enjoy all of these easy better 4 you recipes!