Ticket 2 Wellness

Better 4 You Meals has had success engaging students and increasing participation with the “Ticket 2 Wellness” game. In this game, tickets are randomly placed on various meals during the month. If a student grabs a meal containing one of these special “Wellness Tickets” the student will win a prize. The more a student participates, the higher their chances to win!

How to Participate

  • Wellness Tickets will be randomly placed on various meals several times per month.
  • Students must pick up a meal in order to participate and possibly win.
  • The lucky student(s) who finds the Wellness Ticket notifies the front office.
  • Office staff will notify Better 4 You Meals and prize(s) will be sent the following week.


We work with your school to find the best prizes for your students. Prizes can range from gift cards to free dress days.