Program & Financial Analysis

Is your school losing money each year on your meal services program?

Are your costs too high?

Is your participation level too low?

Are you over-ordering each day causing food waste?

Is your vendor not utilizing all purchase programs available to you?

Better 4 You Meals can work with your team to do a thorough analysis of your current food service program and help identify areas of improvement or cost savings.  The majority of Better 4 You schools attain a significant annual budget surplus from their meals program and are able to reallocate those savings to improve the overall operations of the school.

USDA Commodity Foods Participation

Schools that participate in the USDA Commodity Foods Co-Op also realize significant monetary credits that benefit the overall operations of the school.  On average, schools can receive credits of at least $.15 per lunch, per day.  Over the span of a year, those credits can amount to very large savings.

Universal Breakfast

Schools that elect to offer a universal breakfast service often provide it at no cost their their entire student body.  Those schools that have around 80% of their population that qualify for free or reduced cost students can also offer the service at no cost to the school or even attain a annual cost surplus.