Nutrition or snack break can be a great opportunity to serve breakfast. Tummies are beginning to grumble so it is a great time to energize! Since our breakfast is formulated to be easy to eat and distribute all you need is 5-10 minutes for serving.


Implementation Strategies

  • A table is set up in the main common area and students grab breakfast during break. A staff member is there to take counts and supervise.
  • Breakfast is delivered to the classroom and students are served as they leave to the nutrition break.
  • If breakfast is only served before school, this can be a opportunity to serve┬ásecond chance breakfast at nutrition for those who arrived late or were not hungry in the morning.
  • Set up a share basket for unwanted breakfast items. The basket can be kept in the office or classroom for students that are still hungry later in the day and want a little snack.