Better Service

Food sustains us all. From the kindergartner opening their first books to a business owner closing an important deal, we all need great food to carry us through the day. A cilantro chicken sandwich at lunchtime. An early morning coffee cake or yogurt. Something to give us energy, keep us focused, and able to acquire and retain new knowledge.

That’s where Better 4 You Meals comes in.

While our schools and students, who range from preschoolers to school principals, pursue an incredible variety of personal and educational goals, they also have the piece of mind knowing that we focus exclusively on food. We know it, we love it, and we’re dedicated to making sure all of our schools have one important thing in common: eating outstanding meals, every single day.

We cook with fresh, quality ingredients. We partner with farmers and growers who are committed to providing our students with high quality ingredients. Our licensed dietitians stay current on advancements in nutritional knowledge and guidelines. We also use culinary inspiration from around the world to keep our menus fresh, expanding and exciting.

While B4YM has been around since 2011, our leadership team has decades of combined charter school and food service experience; so we really know how to run a smooth organization. We balance the benefits of our sizable presence with a life-long learning and adaptable approach for every new school with whom we partner.

Our growth has not diminished our passion for food. It is this passion and vision that continues to fuel our work and our relationships with our schools, and we look forward to all that lies ahead.